Kitchen Filters



Our filter cleaning service ensures that your filters are clean and working efficiently.

Dirty, clogged or damaged filters may hinder airflow.  Not only can this be a fire hazard, but, can also allow unwanted smoke in the cooking area and eventually soil the walls with grease residue. The creates both a fire hazard and an occupational hazard safety issue for your employees.

When your kitchen filters are working as they should, they are a great distribution system and ensure the extraction of grease. When fat builds up in your filters, this reduces the performance and quality of ventilation. Not to mention the fire risk of fat and grease build up, which can combust under high temperatures.

We have considerable knowledge and experience in maintaining clean filters. We are proud of the filter cleaning service we provide, knowing that replacing your dirty filters will dramatically improve it’s operation and reduce fire risks. All our service work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards; as 1851.6-1997 and is governed by OH&S regulations.


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